Salinas, California

Green Jobs Can't Save The Economy

Appearing in:ForbesNothing is perhaps more pathetic than the…
Salinas, California

Forget Second Stimulus; We Need Economic Vision

Appearing in:PoliticoAs the American economy slowly heals, the…
Salinas, California

Salinas Dispatch: A Silver Lining in the Golden State

Appearing in:ForbesFrom a distance, a crisis often takes on ideological…


Orange County Focus

How can Orange County become a better place to live for all of its residents? Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky explore the challenges and solutions in Orange County Focus: Forging Our Common Future, a research brief from Chapman University’s Center for Demographics and Policy.
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Localism In America

Edited by Joel Kotkin and Ryan Streeter, a new report on “Localism in America” is a collection of essays from AEI and the Center for Opportunity for Urbanism.

The report highlights ideas and proposals from writers of diverse ideological backgrounds about the promise and limits of taking on big challenges at the local level.

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Joel Kotkin Talks with KFI's John and Ken about California and Climate Change


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