Donald Trump and Mike Pence at RNCVoice of America, Public Domain

Three Things Trump is Getting Right and Democrats Ignored

Given the weak economy, the ham-handed response to COVID-19 and the miserable persona that is Donald Trump, four years later this election should be in the Democrats’ bag. But there are three big things that Trump is getting right, and Democrats are mostly just ignoring, that explain why the smart money in Vegas sees Trump’s odds of winning going up.
California summer fires, at Point Reyes

Blackouts and Fires: California’s Summer Attractions

In spring the swallows famously return to Capistrano, California, but in recent years they are followed by summer power outages and fires. This is not as pleasant an experience for Californians as the return of our favored feathered companions.
Kamala Harris, photo by Gage SkidmoreGage Skidmore

Kamala’s America?

By virtue of being chosen Joe Biden’s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris of California has reasonable odds of becoming president someday. That’s cause for concern, not because she represents the far Left, but because she will promote the spread of California’s increasingly feudal political and economic order, which undermines the upward mobility that long defined the California experience.


Joel Kotkin on California's Feudal Future


Beyond Feudalism

Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky examine how California drifted toward feudalism, and how it can restore upward mobility for middle and working-class citizens.

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Toward More Equitable Urban Growth ReportBeyond Gentrification

This new report explores how unbalanced urban growth has exacerbated class divisions.

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