Are You Facing Feudalism? Tell Your Story

Whether you’re squeezed financially, stuck socially, or feeling stressed politically – we want to hear your story. Send us a short video explaining your situation and any questions you’d like answered for a chance to be featured on the show.

It’s clear that opportunity is declining for the middle class. The freedom of choice around how to live and work is being limited, and it’s taking many different forms: crazy commute times, cramped living quarters, unsanitary conditions, fewer job opportunities and excessive government are all affecting the lives of millions.

With the recent COVID-19 epidemic these challenges are only increasing. More than ever our cities, regions, and country need innovative approaches that meet the needs and dreams of the working middle class. Now is the time to redefine what we want our future to be, and your perspective matters.

What should your video be about?

How are you being affected by the current political, economic, and/or health situation? How has your life changed in the last few weeks, months, years? What struggles are you and your family, friends and community going through? And despite the challenges, what do you still wish your ideal future to look like?

Create a short 1-3 minute video painting a picture of your situation. This doesn’t have to be edited or polished up. We want your straight take – what’s happening, how you’re feeling and the future you think is possible when all is said and done.

Your voice deserves to be heard, which is why select stories will be addressed on our podcast episodes and shared on our YouTube page to our community of business, government, and community leaders around the country.

Thought starters for your video:

  • How are you being squeezed (economically, socially, politically)?
  • How this is impacting the lives and freedom of choice for you and family?
  • How is COVID-19 affecting the situation? Is it making it more challenging?
  • How are you adjusting to the current situation and keeping things in order?
  • What sort of future do you hope for? What might help get us there?

Steps to Send Us Your Story

  1. Create your video clip.
  2. Upload your video to YouTube.
  3. Complete the form below and include the address of your video.