Report on the New American Heartland

The greatest test America faces is whether it can foster the kind of growth that benefits and expands the middle class. To do so, the United States will need to meet three challenges: recover from the Great Recession, rebalance the American and international economies, and gain access to the global middle class for the future of American goods and services.

Read this report on renewing the middle class by revitalizing middle America.
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Fading Promise: Millennial Prospects in the Golden State

Cover of Fading Promise ReportMany of California’s problems are self-inflicted, the result of misguided policies that have tended to inflate land prices and drive up the cost of all kinds of housing. Since housing is the largest household expenditure, this pushes up the cost of living.

California still has the landmass and the appeal to power opportunity for the next generation. It is up to us to reverse the course and restore The California Dream for the next generation.

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Kotkin with John Gibson Discusses His Recent Article, The Arrogance of Blue America

By: The John Gibson Show
In: Fox News, WJDY

Joel Kotkin interviewed by John Gibson on WJDY. Joel discusses his article on the Daily Beast entitled, “The Arrogance of Blue America”.

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Cities That Changed The World: Mapping History’s Hubs of Innovation

By: The Colin McEnroe Show

Summary by Josh Nilaya
In looking to our past, a curious trend appears. A vast amount of mankind’s great accomplishments in art, music, science, technology and language seem to emerge from a relatively small number of cities: Athens, Hangzhou, Florence, Rome, Calcutta, Vienna, and Silicon Valley– just to name a few.

But the reasons these locations gave rise to so much advancement remain a source of debate. What multitude of factors must converge to make an otherwise un-notable city become a hub of creative genius? This hour we speak with geographers, and cultural historians to unravel this ancient and ongoing mystery.

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The Human City on Radio New Zealand

By: Nine to Noon Show

In: Radio New Zealand

Joel recently appeared on Radio New Zealand to discuss his most recent book, “The Human City.” Listen to the 30-minute discussion below.

Observations about U.S. Immigration

In: Salt Lake City Radio

Joel recently joined the Rod Arquette Show in Salt Lake City to discuss America’s evolving immigration policy.

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Joel Talks About the Potential for Going Fascist

In: 790 KABC Radio

Joel recently talked with KABC Radio in California about the potential for fascist authoritarian thinking on both sides of the political aisle. Click the Play button to listen. (mp3 audio file)

The Rise of Donald Trump

By: SpikedOnline Podcast

Joel recently joined the SpikedOnline podcast to talk about the rise of Donald Trump and the U.S. election. Follow the link to listen. Joel’s portion begins at about 14:30 of the show. SpikedOnline Podcast

What Will Happen to Trump Supporters After the Election?

Rod Arquette Show
KNRS Radio Salt Lake City

Joel recently joined the Rod Arquette show to talk about the impact of the Trump campaign and how his supporters might react to the election results. Click the Play button below to listen. (mp3 audio file)

Dreaming of Robber Barons

KABC Radio Los Angeles
Joel joins KABC Radio in Los Angeles to talk about the impact of the high-tech oligarchs on today’s society. Click the Play button below to listen. (mp3 audio file)