Dark Days Lie Ahead in the Dystopia of California

by Gerard Baker

This article first appeared in The Times UK

With blackouts, crippling taxation and unaffordable housing, the Golden State is a feudal society of super-rich and serfs.

Fifty years ago, in her song California, Joni Mitchell captured the universal appeal of the eponymous state, a land of endless sunshine and golden opportunity. Contrasting her adopted home with the sheer greyness of life elsewhere, she wrote: “My heart cried out for you, California/ Oh California, I’m coming home”.

Coming home to California is not what people are crying out for these days. Read more

Great Australian Dream is Fading Says Planner Joel Kotkin

by Georgia Shaw, The Daily Telegraph

This article first appeared in The Daily Telegraph

A leading urban planner has accused planners of destroying the great Australian dream and urged the government to drive a renewed focus on middle Australia by targeting development on the outskirts of Sydney.

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Kotkin on KNX 1070 News Radio – Who Wants to Live in California?

With: KNX InDepth
On: KNX 10.70 News Radio

Who wants to live in California anymore? Joel Kotkin talks about the challenges that California faces in attracting people and helping them stay. Read a related piece by Joel, on losses among the family-formation age demographic critical to California’s future.

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San Francisco is Losing Residents Because It’s Too Expensive for Nearly Everyone

By: Marco della Cava
Appearing in: USA Today

For the better part of two decades, the Bay Area has been a magnet for newcomers lured by a modern-day technology Gold Rush. But increasingly only those who have struck it rich can afford to stay. Read more

Kotkin Talks About Elites Against Western Civilization with Larry Elder

With: Larry Elder
On: The Larry Elder Show

Joel Kotkin talks about his recent article, Elites Against Western Civilization with Larry Elder, and how advocacy journalism that focuses on a single point of view — instead of informative journalism — hinders solving our problems. Read the related piece by Joel, that is referenced during this interview.

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Kotkin Talks About the Perils of Forgetting with Amanda Vanstone

With: Amanda Vanstone

On: Counterpoint on Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Joel Kotkin talks about the perils of forgetting with Amanda Vanstone, and how the academic focus on a single point of view is contributing to our age of amnesia.  Read the related piece by Joel, on the Age of Amnesia, that is referenced during this interview.

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Kotkin Talks About the Politics of Procreation with Danielle Smith

With: Danielle Smith

On: The Danielle Smith Show on Newstalk 770

Joel Kotkin talks with Danielle Smith talks on the topic of the American birth rate and how it relates to the issue of immigration. Read the related article, by Joel Kotkin on post-familialism, which will drive many of the biggest economic challenges facing many countries. To be sure, a major reduction in childbearing is a blessing in some impoverished parts of the globe, but declining birthrates, and the consequent drop in the workforce, will sap the growth of the higher income countries they depend upon for trade and finance.

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Narrated: The Age of Amnesia

Narrated by: Greg Ellis

On: Quillette

Greg Ellis reads Age of Amnesia, Joel Kotkin’s essay on how the West is in danger of forgetting its own history. It was published in Quillette on July 15, 2019.

America’s Cities Pushing Out Middle Class and Families

With: Tucker Carlson

On: Fox News

Who lives in America’s most “progressive” cities these days? A combination of transient “hipsters” who stay just a few years, some “very, very wealthy people” and the poor “who are dependent on the welfare state,” Chapman University fellow Joel Kotkin told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Wednesday.

“The middle class” Kotkin added, “is literally becoming extinct, as is the family, in much of urban America today.”

Read the entire article at Fox News

Read Joel’s related article here

The American Center Must Stop Being the Silent Majority

With: Antonio Mora

On: News and News

Mora cites a recent article by Joel Kotkin on rejecting divisive identity politics, standing together as America always has because much more unites us than divides us. We must transcend political polarization to strengthen an inclusive notion of American identity. Enough of listening to the loudest voices in the room on the left and right. They can have their say, but they cannot dominate the debate. We are the majority. We can no longer be the silent majority.