The New Geography of Kids: Understand the Future of Households with Children or Else

By: Builder Online

The kids are alright.

Except, one thing. Where are they?

Where will they be?

Birthrates are falling. Death rates climbing. These two, combined, account for the fact that the “U.S. Population Grew at the Slowest Pace in More than 80 Years.”

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Joel Kotkin Talks with Peter Boyle about Today’s Cultural Engineering

By: KNUS 710AM
On: Peter Boyles On-Demand – Joel Kotkin

Joel Kotkin talks with Peter Boyle on 710KNUS, discussing the impact of today’s cultural engineering on media, politics, and our educational institutions.

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Beyond H2Q-Amania: Why the Rise of the Rest Bodes Well for the Midwest

By: Builder Online

Perhaps, no two four-letter words matter more to people whose livelihoods revolve around building homes for other people to live in and prosper.

Which two four-letter words come to mind? [It’s forgiveness Friday, so there are no wrong answers.]

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Tucker Carlson Highlights ‘Terrifying’ Prediction That America Is Heading for ‘Oligarchical Socialism’

By: Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson highlighted Wednesday a “terrifying” piece that warns America is headed for “oligarchical socialism,” where the large majority of wealth will be concentrated among a small number of tech billionaires.

The author of the Orange County Register column, Joel Kotkin, said Wednesday that tech giants, like Facebook and Amazon, prefer non-unionized, part-time workers and an increasing number from overseas. But he said they do not want to pay for benefits and pensions for full-time employees like traditionally “evil” oil companies and manufacturers.

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Joel Kotkin Talks Housing Costs with McIntyre

By: KABC 790AM
On: McIntyre in the Morning  – Joel Kotkin

Joel Kotkin talks with McIntyre on 790KABC, discussing the impact of housing costs in California – especially major metropolitan areas.

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Joel Kotkin on the Rod Arquette Show

By: KNRS 105.9AM
On: Rod Arquette, October 8, 2018 – Joel Kotkin

Joel Kotkin with Rod Arquette on KNRS radio in Salt Lake City discusses his piece in the Orange County Register about America’s continued success despite who is President.

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Joel Kotkin on the Great California Exodus

By: Financial Sense News Hour
Topic: The Great California Exodus, Part 2: Joel Kotkin with Jim Puplava, September 25, 2018

Our guest today is Joel Kotkin, Presidential Fellow in Urban Futures at Chapman University in Orange, California, who says that Californians are living on a Facebook, Google, and Apple high and that this has made us unaware of major problems brewing under the surface in one of the largest economies in the world.

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Joel Kotkin on the Carl DeMaio Show

By: KOGO 600 AM
On: Carl DeMaio, September 10, 2018 – Joel Kotkin

Joel and Carl discuss how and why the state is continuing to hemorrhage people at a higher rate, with particular losses among the family-formation age demographic critical to California’s future.

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One in Five Californians Is Poor. Housing Prices Are to Blame.

This article first appeared on Ozy.

Why You Should Care: Because rising living costs are making California viable for only a privileged few.

In the Netflix television show Altered Carbon, the fears of rampant income inequality are fully realized. High society is taken literally, as the rich and wealthy live in a cloud city in the sky. The series is set hundreds of years in the future, and yet it tellingly takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area, with leaders who muse about making themselves immortal and are obsessed with the propagation of their own compounding wealth.

The analogy is even more cutting when you consider that, when it comes to one measure, the Golden State is already living a prelude to such disparate lives:

One in five Californians is poor when housing, medical costs and taxes are taken into account.

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Joel Kotkin on the New McCarthyism: Tom Bevan Show

By: WLS890 AM
On: Tom Bevan Show, Aug 5, 2018 – Joel Kotkin

Is there a new “McCarthyism” growing in the United States and the journalistic threats to free expression in the country? With the Internet archiving just about everything someone says and posts, we are seeing a dramatic increase of past political commentary and opinion being dredged up in efforts to take down business leaders, politicians, and even respected Hollywood elite.

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