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Latinos in California

Date: Wednesday, July 15, 2015 In: KABC Radio 790 Los Angeles Joel recently appeared on KABC’s McIntyre in the Morning to talk about the Latino population in California and its prospects for the future. Click the Play button below to listen. (mp3 audio file)

Joel Talks About the Best Cities for Minorities

In: WBUR National Public Radio Boston From WBUR: Jacksonville, Florida, wins the prize for best American city – for Latinos. A study by the Center for Opportunity Urbanism determined which U.S. cities are most welcoming to minorities. It considered affordable housing, median household incomes, self-employment rates and population growth. Joel Kotkin, executive director of the […]

Joel Talks About The Future of Minorities in America

In: WHO Radio Joel recently talked with Jeffrey Angelo of WHO Radio in Des Moines about the findings in his new report discussing the best cities for minorities. Joel appears 30 minutes into the show (about 30%). Listen using the player below.

California Housing Market Divide

By: Kathleen Hays and Vonnie Quinn In: Bloomberg Advantage Joel recently appeared on the Bloomberg Advantage radio show to discuss the California housing market and the implication of the growing divide between those who can afford to buy a house and those who cannot. Click the Play button below to listen. (mp3 audio file)

Sports Stadiums Are Bad Public Investments

In: Reason TV Joel was featured in a short ReasonTV piece about public investments in private sports statiums. From ReasonTV: “Anybody that drives around Southern California can tell you the infrastructure is falling apart,” says Joel Kotkin, a fellow of urban studies at Chapman University and author of the book The New Class Conflict. “And […]

The Middle Class is Eroding

In: Larry Elder Show Joel recently appeared on the Larry Elder Show to talk about the current state of the middle class in America and how it is eroding. Listen via the embedded player below.

Race in America

In: KABC Joel talks with KABC radio in Southern California about race conflict and how we discuss race in American society. Joel points out that discussing race must include a look at race in terms of economics. Click the Play button below to listen. (mp3 audio file)