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Are We Going Fascist?

Appearing in: Orange County Register The rise, and then the improbable election, of Donald Trump have reawakened progressive fears of a mounting authoritarian tide. With his hyperbole and jutting chin, he strikes some progressives as a new Benito Mussolini who will threaten free speech and other basic human rights. Some aspects of Trumpism do exhibit […]

Babes In Trumpland: The Coming Rise Of The Heartland Cities

Appearing in: Forbes Contrary to the media notion that Donald Trump’s surprising electoral victory represented merely the actions of unwashed “deplorables,” his winning margin was the outcome of rational thinking in those parts of the country whose economies revolve around the production of tangible goods. And their economies stand to gather more steam in the years […]

How the Left and Right Can Learn to Love Localism: The Constitutional Cure for Polarization

Appearing in: The Daily Beast The ever worsening polarization of American politics—demonstrated and accentuated by the Trump victory—is now an undeniable fact of our daily life. Yet rather than allowing the guilty national parties to continue indulging political brinkmanship, we should embrace a  strong, constitutional solution to accommodating our growing divide: a return to local control.

The Corbynization of the Democratic Party

Appearing in: The Orange County Register The Democratic Party’s current festival of re-examination is both necessary and justified. They have just lost to the most unpopular presidential candidate in recent memory. Lockstep media support and a much larger war chest were not enough to save them from losing not only the presidency, but also in […]

Five Ideas to Make America Greater

Appearing in: The Orange County Register Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was based on the notion that he could “Make America Great Again.” But beyond the rhetoric — sometimes lurching into demagoguery — the newly elected president comes to office, as one commentator suggests, “the least policy-savvy president in history.” To succeed, Trump must adopt innovative […]

Here’s How Donald Trump Could End America’s New Feudalism

Appearing in: The Daily Beast One obvious, if little discussed, reason the progressive wave receded last week: The left’s increasingly unappealing economic agenda. In the past, progressives focused on improving conditions for working and middle class Americans through economic growth, home ownership and expansive infrastructure projects. Today, notes former Bill Clinton aide William Galston, progressives rarely […]

California Jumps the Shark

Appearing in: Orange County Register America may have trended toward the GOP, but California seems determined to find its own direction. The only question is, simply, how much more progressive the Golden State will become, even in the face of a far more conservative country beyond the Sierras. This election confirmed, if it was needed, […]

Trumping the Elites

Appearing in: The City Journal She had it all—the pliant media, the tech oligarchs, Wall Street, the property moguls, the academics, and the all-around “smart people.” What Hillary Clinton didn’t have was flyover country, the economic “leftovers,” the small towns, the unhipstered suburbs, and other unfashionable places. As Thomas Frank has noted, Democrats have gone “from […]