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The High Cost of a Home Is Turning American Millennials Into the New Serfs

Appearing in: The Daily Beast American greatness was long premised on the common assumption was that each generation would do better than previous one. That is being undermined for the emerging millennial generation. The problems facing millennials include an economy where job growth has been largely in service and part-time employment, producing lower incomes; the […]

The Immigration Dilemma

Appearing in: The Orange County Register In often needlessly harsh ways, President Donald Trump is forcing Americans to face issues that have been festering for decades, but effectively swept under the rug by the ruling party duopoly. Nowhere is this more evident than with immigration, an issue that helped to spark Trump’s quixotic, but ultimately […]

California as Alt-America

Appearing in: Real Clear Politics
In 1949 the historian Carey McWilliams defined California as the “the Great Exception” — a place so different from the rest of America as to seem almost a separate country.