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The End of Innovation: Exposing California

In this episode of the Feudal Future podcast, hosts Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky talk with Tracy Hernandez about the end of innovation exposing California’s need to focus on job creation, electing public officials with job creating focus and ability.

The Grand New Party

Given the likely defeat of President Donald Trump, a functionally headless Republican Party is destined for a period of reflection. Trump himself, for all his rudeness and often unnecessary, divisive rhetoric, has transformed the Republican Party from being a bastion of the establishment to a voice for America’s working and middle class.

Feudalism Without A Soul

Casey Chalk reviews Joel’s latest book: “Perhaps one of the great cons of the 21st century has been corporate America’s success… in profiting from tax laws and cheap foreign or immigrant labor that reduces American jobs and keeps money from American taxpayers.”

The Never-Ending Threat of Utopia

Robert Grant Price reviews Joel’s latest book: The Coming of Neo-Feudalism. “Feudal times are here again. This is a thesis Joel Kotkin hammers to a fine point in this clarifying study-of-the-moment presented as sweeping history.”

Democrats’ Energy Dilemma

The biggest challenge facing a putative first-term Joe Biden administration and the Democratic Party may lie with energy policy, where gentry and green wishful thinking confront the daily realities of millions of middle- and working-class Americans.