Kansas City downtown, by Simone

Cities Are for Rich People Now and Wooing Amazon Only Makes It Worse

If there are two facts of life in the modern American city, they are that rent will be too damn high, and that attracting investment from a mega corporation will seem to some local power players like the best way to stave off economic disaster.

The New McCarthyism of Our Censorious Age

We live in a newly censorious age, where old crudities are never forgotten. To be sure, there are some clear malefactors who should be punished to the extent of the law, but there’s clearly a distinct danger to free expression as the emboldened thought police steadily expand their domain.

Gavin Newsom, futurist and next California Governor?

Self-Styled Futurist Looks at California Governor’s Mansion

When he takes office this January, as seems inevitable, Gavin Newsom, a self-styled futurist, will inherit an economic legacy that could be turning sour.

Jonathan Gold at Sundance 2015

Jonathan Gold’s Los Angeles

by Joel Kotkin, Mandy Shamis — The passing this week of Jonathan Gold, Los Angeles’s Pulitzer Prize-winning restaurant critic, reminded us of why we have lived in Southern California for more than four decades.

Senator Kamala Harris, touted as a Democratic Party leader on issues of immigration and race.

The Hollowing-Out of the California Dream

Progressives praise California as the harbinger of the political future, the home of a new, enlightened, multicultural America. Yet in terms of opportunity, California is evolving into something more like apartheid South Africa or the pre-civil rights South…

Kevin de León - President pro Tempore, California State Senate

Democrats are Helping Trump to Win Re-election

Donald Trump and the Republican Party, increasingly his subsidiary, should be headed to a reckoning of historic proportions. But, despite his own often unforced errors, Trump may have found an unwitting ally

The West Is In the Midst of a Migration and Identity Crisis

As the economy has improved, popular concern, both here and abroad, has shifted to issues of migration and identity.

Progressive California’s Growing Race Challenge

by Joel Kotkin — California’s climate change concerns have been something of a disaster for the very minorities that state progressives so fervently claim to serve.

LeBron James

Can Lebron James Make Los Angeles Great Again?

by Joel Kotkin — With his decision to move to Los Angeles, LeBron James has given our metropolis another reason to feel good about itself.

Oil rig off the coast of California

California’s Climate Extremism

Environmental extremism increasingly dominates California. The state is making a concerted attack on energy companies in the courts…