Radicalism is on the Rise in American Politics

The Republican Party’s road to the 2018 mid-terms looks increasingly like Pickett’s Charge, the Confederate assault on fixed Union positions that marked the high-water mark for the southern cause…

Suburban Spaces

The Future of America’s Suburbs Looks Infinite

by Joel Kotkin and Alan Berger — Just a decade ago, in the midst of the financial crisis, suburbia’s future seemed perilous, with experts claiming that many suburban tracks were about to become “the next slums.”

Trump in China and the Limits of Authoritarianism

As President Trump visits China, the contrast between the president — at war with the national media, the corporate establishment, almost all of academia and even his own party — and the sure-handed Xi Jinping seems almost unbearable.

Protests against capitalism

Joel Kotkin on End of Capitalism: McIntyre In The Morning KABC 790

Joel Kotkin interviewed on KABC. Joel Kotkin discusses the ‘end of capitalism’ and western civilization, especially the millennial rejection of capitalism.

Marine Le Pen

Is There a Civilization War Going On?

From the heart of Europe to North America, nativism, sometimes tinged by white nationalist extremism, is on the rise. Is a civilization war going on, or is the damage self-inflicted?

Mormon Temple, Salt Lake City

The New State Role Models

With Congress on what appears to be a permanent hold, the search for a workable political role model now shifts increasingly to states and localities.

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Rising Rents are Stressing Out Tenants and Heightening America’s Housing Crisis

by Joel Kotkin with Wendell Cox — The home-buying struggles of Americans, particularly millennials, have been well documented. Yet a recent study found that the often-proposed “solution” of renting is not much of a panacea.

Nissan LEAF automobile

What Does the Future Hold for the Automobile?

For a generation, the car has been reviled by city planners, greens and not too few commuters. In the past decade, some boldly predicted the onset of “peak car” and an auto-free future…

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The Bottom Line of the Culture Wars

This article first appeared at The Orange County Register. America’s seemingly unceasing culture wars are not good for business, particularly for a region like Southern California. As we see Hollywood movie stars, professional athletes and the mainstream media types line up along uniform ideological lines, a substantial portion of the American ticket and TV watching […]

Jeremy Corbyn, Chatham House

The Changing Face of Anti-Semitism

When Donald Trump was elected president, much of American Jewish leadership reacted with something close to hysteria. To some, Trump’s presidency reflected the traditional face of the anti-Semitic right — xenophobic, nationalist and culturally conservative.