A New Way Forward on Trade and Immigration

President Trump’s policy agenda may seem incoherent, but his underlying approach — developed, in large part, by now-departed chief strategist Steve Bannon — can be best summarized in one word: nationalism.

Los Angeles at Night

McIntyre In The Morning Interviews Joel Kotkin on California Transit

Joel Kotkin interviewed on KABC. Joel discusses how California transit policy is or is not working — and whether or not our approach to transportation policy makes sense.

California’s Coming Youth Deficit

by Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — Images of California, particularly the southern coast, are embedded with those associated with youthfulness. In reality, the state is falling behind in growth of its youthful population…

Will Donald Trump Expose America’s Great Mass Transit Hoax?

by Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — Whatever you think of President Trump, his claims about the lousy condition of America’s basic infrastructure are widely accepted. His call for a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan may be his last best bet for finding bipartisan support.

Orlando, FL housing market

Forget the Urban Stereotypes: What Millennial America Really Looks Like

by Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox —

Millennials are almost universally portrayed as aspiring urbanistas, waiting to move into the nation’s expensive core cities. Yet, since 2010 nearly 80% of population growth for people ages 25-34 has occurred in the suburbs and exurbs.

Texas State Capitol building, photo credit: LoneStarMike

State Governments Are Oppressive, Too

Historically, the battle over the size and scale of government has been focused largely on “states’ rights.” This federalist notion also has been associated with many shameful things, such as slavery, Jim Crow laws and other abuses of personal freedom.

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What’s the Future of Beleaguered Fossil Fuels?

Perhaps no economic issue — even trade — is as divisive as the energy industry. Once a standard driver of economic progress, the conventional energy industry has become increasingly vilified by the national media…

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Why the Greens Lost and Trump Won

When President Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accords, embraced coal, and stacked his administration from people from fossil-fuel producing states, the environmental movement reacted with near-apocalyptic fear and fury.

California Gov. Jerry Brown

High-Flying California Charts Its Own Path — Is A Cliff Ahead?

As its economy bounced back from the Great Recession, California emerged as a progressive role model, yet the state’s once remarkably varied and vital economy has become dangerously dependent on the Bay Area tech boom.

Is California Anti-family?

In its race against rapidly aging Europe and East Asia, America’s relatively vibrant nurseries have provided some welcome demographic dynamism. Yet, in recent years, notably since the Great Recession and the weak recovery that followed, America’s birthrate has continued to drop, and is now at a record low.