Urban Blues

Even as urban “blue” America seems to strengthen their political power, they are engaged in blue-icide, undermining their own urban base of disadvantaged citizens and their own credibility.

How the Virus is Pushing America Toward a Better Future

With the pandemic shattering the myth of the global village, America now has the opportunity to rebuild a more resilient economy and society, one structured around the people here more than on global capital flows.

Virtual Town Hall: California Feudalism – Addressing California’s Inequality Crisis

Join a presentation on Kotkin and Toplanksky’s research brief —California Feudalism: A Strategy to Restore California’s Middle Class— discussing California’s inequality crisis and how to restore our state’s dream.

Triumph of the Oligarchs

Already ascendant beforehand, tech oligarchs are riding the current pandemic crisis to unprecedented dominion over our ever-weakening Republic.

The Green Civil War

Like many contemporary social movements, the environmental lobby has pushed the “science” as something settled and immutable. Yet in recent months, there has been growing criticism about the current green orthodoxy, including from people long associated with environmental causes.

Join the Feudal Future podcast, hosted by Joel Kotkin & Marshall Toplansky

Rural-Urban Migration and Class Structure in China With Li Sun

In episode 3 of Feudal Future podcast, Joel Kotkin & Marshall Toplansky interview guest Li Sun about her research on China’s urbanization and globalization.

Jobless Men Keep Going

Neo-Feudalism in California

Rather than the vanguard of a more egalitarian future, California has become the progenitor of a new form of feudalism characterized by gross inequality and increas­ingly rigid class lines.

Jean Froissart, Chroniques Peasant Rebellion

The Rebellion of America’s New Underclass

Like so many before them, our recent disorders have been rooted in issues of race. But in the longer run, the underlying causes of our growing civic breakdown go beyond the brutal police killing of George Floyd. Particularly in our core cities, our dysfunction is a result of our increasingly large, and increasingly multi-racial, class of neo-serfs.

Warehouse operations

A New Age of Feudalism for the Working Class?

many of the pioneering firms—such as Hewlett-Packard, Intel, and IBM—were widely praised for treating their lower-level workers as part of the company and deserving of opportunities for advancement, as well as benefits including health insurance and a pension.

Opportunity for more family-centric communities

From tragedy to opportunity: We could live better when today’s mayhem ends

Beyond the depressing statistics, the deserted malls, the looted or abandoned Main Streets, lies the potential to use the pandemic to create the impetus for better, more sustainable and family-centric communities.