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What’s Red, Blue, and Broke All Over? America

Beneath the sex scandals, moronic tweets, ridiculous characters, and massive incompetence that dominate Washington in this mean period of our history lie more fundamental geopolitical realities. Increasingly it is economics—how people make money—rather than culture that drives the country into perpetual conflict.

Christmas Eve Mass

Is the End Near for Religion?

Even at this season that should be about spiritual re-awakening, it is hard to deny that we live in an increasingly post-religious civilization. Virtually everywhere in the high-income world, faith, particularly tied close to institutionalized religion, has been dropping for a decade.

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The New Mandarins of the Deep State

The shocking defeat of GOP Senator hopeful Roy Moore may not spell the end of Trumpism, but you can see it from there.

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The Cities Where a Paycheck Stretches the Furthest 2017

by Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — We often conflate high salaries with prosperity, but that can be deceptive. At the Center for Opportunity Urbanism, we developed a Standard of Living Index to get a better sense of where a paycheck stretches furthest in 2017.

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Eric Garcetti for president? Really?

Someone may be putting something in the Los Angeles water supply. Recently, two unlikely L.A.-based presidential contenders — Mayor Eric Garcetti and Disney Chief Robert Iger — have been floated in the media, including in the New York Times.

suburban housing is surging

The Urban Revival is an Urban Myth, and the Suburbs are Surging

by Joel Kotkin and Alan Berger — The past decade has seen a gusher of books arguing for and detailing the supposed ascendancy of dense urban cores, but as we show in Infinite Suburbia, the new book we co-edited, the vast majority of American economic and demographic growth continues to take place there.

Radicalism is on the Rise in American Politics

The Republican Party’s road to the 2018 mid-terms looks increasingly like Pickett’s Charge, the Confederate assault on fixed Union positions that marked the high-water mark for the southern cause…

Suburban Spaces

The Future of America’s Suburbs Looks Infinite

by Joel Kotkin and Alan Berger — Just a decade ago, in the midst of the financial crisis, suburbia’s future seemed perilous, with experts claiming that many suburban tracks were about to become “the next slums.”

Trump in China and the Limits of Authoritarianism

As President Trump visits China, the contrast between the president — at war with the national media, the corporate establishment, almost all of academia and even his own party — and the sure-handed Xi Jinping seems almost unbearable.

Protests against capitalism

Joel Kotkin on End of Capitalism: McIntyre In The Morning KABC 790

Joel Kotkin interviewed on KABC. Joel Kotkin discusses the ‘end of capitalism’ and western civilization, especially the millennial rejection of capitalism.