Los Angeles at Night

California as Alt-America

Appearing in: Real Clear Politics
In 1949 the historian Carey McWilliams defined California as the “the Great Exception” — a place so different from the rest of America as to seem almost a separate country.

Donald Trump

The Irony That Could Trip Up Trump’s Quest To Make The U.S. Economy ‘Great Again’

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Perhaps no president in recent history has more pressure on him to perform economic miracles than Donald Trump.

California politics

California’s Racial Politics Harming Minorities

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Across the country, white voters placed Donald Trump in office by a margin of 21 points over Clinton. Their backing helped the GOP gain control of a vast swath of local offices nationwide.

Barack Obama, 1st Day in the Oval Office

Obama’s Not so Glorious Legacy

Appearing in: Orange County Regiser

Like a child star who reached his peak at age 15, Barack Obama could never fulfill the inflated expectations that accompanied his election.

Elderly woman on sidewalk; Ginza, Tokyo

How Post-Familialism Will Shape the New Asia

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Surprisingly, the modern focal point for postfamilial urbanism comes from eastern Asia, where family traditionally exercised a powerful, even dominant influence over society.

Speaker Ryan with Trump and Pence

Generation X’s Moment Of Power Is Almost Here

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It certainly seems as if boomers are in charge in America now, with Donald Trump about to move into the White House and members of the generation in the majority in Congress.

Inner City: from the U.S. National Archives

Progressives Have Let Inner Cities Fail for Decades. President Trump Could Change That.

Appearing in: The Daily Beast

When Donald Trump described the “devastating” conditions in America’s inner cities, emphasizing poor schools and lack of jobs, he was widely denounced for portraying our urban centers…

Tech Leaders Meet with Trump

How Silicon Valley’s Oligarchs Are Learning to Stop Worrying and Love Trump

The oligarchs’ ball at Trump Tower revealed one not-so-well-kept secret about the tech moguls: They are more like the new president than they are like you or me. In what devolved into something of a love fest, Trump embraced the tech elite for their “incredible innovation” and pledged to help them achieve their goals…

Benito Mussolini, Fascist

Are We Going Fascist?

Appearing in: Orange County Register The rise, and then the improbable election, of Donald Trump have reawakened progressive fears of a mounting authoritarian tide. With his hyperbole and jutting chin, he strikes some progressives as a new Benito Mussolini who will threaten free speech and other basic human rights. Some aspects of Trumpism do exhibit […]

Immigration Policy Protest

The Future of Racial Politics

Appearing in: Real Clear Politics From its inception, the American experiment has been dogged by racial issues. Sadly, this was even truer this year. Eight years after electing the first African-American president, not only are race relations getting worse, according to surveys, but the electorate remains as ethnically divided as in any time of recent […]