The Great Betrayal of Middle America

To America’s vast midsection, Trump represented a beacon of hope. Yet in barely six months, Trump is emerging as the latest politician to betray middle America.

Alan and Joel

Preparing for the Infinite Suburb

Hyperloop-One has a Q&A Alan Berger and Joel Kotkin, co-authors of an upcoming book titled “Infinite Suburbia”. Third in a series of conversations during Infrastructure Week.

Gov. Jerry Brown speaking on environmental policy

The California economy’s surface strength hides looming weakness

If you listen to California’s many boosters, things have never been so good. And, to be sure, since 2011, the state appears to have gained its economic footing, and outperformed many of its rivals.

‘Hillbilly Elegy’ author J.D. Vance, economic development experts discuss the heartland

It was all about middle America at “The New American Heartland” forum in Cleveland, as Moderator Joel Kotkin asked panel members to identify the region’s biggest obstacles to success.

What Trump Has Wrought

Just a few short months ago, we seemed on the brink of a new political era. Donald Trump improbably was headed to the White House, while the Democratic Party, at near historic lows in statehouse power and without control of either house of Congress, seemed to be facing a lengthy period in political purgatory.

Report on the New American Heartland

The greatest test America faces is whether it can foster the kind of growth that benefits and expands the middle class. To do so, the United States will need to meet three challenges…

The Globalization Debate is Just Beginning

The decisive victory of Emmanuel Macron over Marine Le Pen is being widely hailed as a victory of good over evil, and an affirmation of open migration flows and globalization. Certainly, the defeat of the odious National Front should be considered good news, but the global conflict over trade and immigration has barely begun.

The News Media are Losing Their Search for Truth

To someone who has spent most of his career in the news business, it’s distressing to confront the current state of the media. Rather than a source of information and varied opinion, the media increasingly act not so such as disseminators of information but as …

fading promise for millennial generation in the golden state

Fading Promise: Millennial Prospects in the Golden State

by Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — Is the California Dream out of reach for millennials? This report presents detailed data about the state of the economy, population base, and employment picture of California.

Downtown LA - photo by Wendell Cox

Are Millennials Getting Priced Out of California?

by Drew Bollea — Millennials want what their parents have, but attaining that future is becoming more and more challenging in California, according to Joel Kotkin…