Democratic Civil War

The Democratic Party accommodates Wall Street and tech oligarchies alongside its progressive base and a remnant of traditional working-class voters. This powerful coalition is also a fundamentally unstable one — a three-headed hydra whose heads will soon be biting each other furiously.

Kyle Harper talks about disease and the fall of Rome — and parallels with COVID-19

Podcast Episode 12: Kyle Harper

On this episode of Feudal Future, hosts Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky are joined by Kyle Harper, Professor of Classics at the University of Oklahoma. Their discussion looks to the fall of Rome to help understand the problems of today. Kyle’s book, The Fall of Rome takes a look at infectious disease as part of the destruction of Rome.

Will the Cultural Revolution Be Canceled?

It’s an article of faith among both conservatives and many liberals that we’re being swept by a cultural revolution destined to transform American society, but will this woke revolution wind up getting canceled?

People wearing face masks as they head to work

The Coronavirus Reopened America’s Wounds — and Poured Salt in Them

The coronavirus reopened America’s wounds as it devastated with alarming efficiency minorities and the impoverished, particularly in cities, while accelerating America’s return to a more hierarchical and far less democratic society. Meanwhile, the affluent were able to work from home.

Middle Class Survival Strategies Webinar, Oct. 17

Virtual Town Hall — Middle Class Survival Strategies

Join us October 17th for a live interactive webinar on how the middle class can survive and thrive during this time of social and economic uncertainty.

California's fires belie its green policies

An “Ecotopian” Future: Can California’s Green Extremism Go National?

California’s green extremism leads the state to issue counter-productive mandates for electrification of everything while reducing its generating capacity, — and Gov. Newsom now wants to ban the sale of new gasoline engine vehicles by 2035.

Fred and Harry Siegel about NYC after COVID-19

Podcast Episode 11: Fred and Harry Siegel

On this episode of Feudal Future, hosts, Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky are joined by guests Harry and Fred Siegel. Fred is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. His son, Harry is a senior editor at the Daily Beast. Their conversation covers the future trends of cities, the workforce, and Manhattan.

"Pod" like housing, Montreal Quebec

Americans Won’t Live in the Pod

Fighting for the middle class dominates political rhetoric, on the Right and Left. Yet both now often undermine single-family home ownership.

Historic urban metros are blue, but minorities are moving away

Blue Today, Bluer Tomorrow

Even if Trump is somehow reelected, the wielders of power and influence — academia, media, Wall Street, Hollywood, the big-tech oligarchs, the dominant nonprofits, and the governmental apparat — will remain deep blue for the foreseeable future.

How COVID is Shifting Corporate Location Strategy

Podcast Episode 10: How COVID is Shifting Corporate Location Strategy

In this episode of Feudal Future, Jay Garner join hosts Joel and Marshall to explore site selection and how COVID is shifting corporate location strategy.