The Future of America’s Middle Class


BYU Radio

Joel recently appeared on BYU radio for a broad conversation about his work and the future of the middle class. From BYU radio:

“What’s driving the rise of a new “yeoman” class? “Inflation has taken the price of housing out of reach of most people and the advent of technology has eliminated an enormous number of jobs,” says Kotkin.

“I’m not necessarily pessimistic about the United States,” adds Kotkin. “We’re having an enormous energy boom. The United States exports a tremendous amount technology, entertainment, media and high-end manufacturing goods – the opportunity for success is great.”

But Kotkin says the trend toward a wider class divide – and the shift away from homeownership in the middle class – portends major changes for how and where Americans live. “

Follow this link to listen. Joel’s interview begins about 81 minutes into the show.