Joel Kotkin has been asked by numerous civic, business and governmental organizations to help develop plans for their future development. He combines historical insights and theories developed in his prolific writings with extensive interviews developed for each client. This gives clients a realistic assessment of their current situations, future prospects and, most importantly, creates a template to show them how to achieve their long- term goals.

In this work, he has partners with a team of researchers, economists, planners and development specialists, working with such varied organizations as Praxis Strategy Group (Grand Forks, ND),  Brookings Institution (Washington, DC), the La Jolla Institute (Ontario, CA), The Legatum Institute (London, UK), the Center for an Urban Future (New York), the New America Foundation (Washington, DC), and the Manhattan Institute.

Recent and ongoing projects include :
The Broken Ladder: Upward Mobility in World Cities, Legatum Institute
A New Map of the World, Legatum Institute
State Project, US Chamber of Commerce, Praxis Strategy Group
An Atlas of the Great Plains, Texas Tech University
The Future of the Great Lakes, Sagamore Institute
The Childless Future, Chapman University