Joel Talks with Instapundit About the Decline of Upward Mobility in America’s Cities




Instapundit TV

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit recently interviewed Joel about the importance of maintaining upward mobility in America’s cities and the current class bifurcation happening in many central cores.

From Reason’s Hit and Run Blog, “Instapundit talks with Urban Theorist Joel Kotkin; Wisdom Ensues“:

Out on the West Coast in LA, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit talks with demographer and urban theorist Joel Kotkin about car haters and more.

Kotkin’s a great voice on how cities either flourish or die depending on how easy they make it for people to live there. He was a great presence in Reason Saves Cleveland with Drew Carey, speaking up in defense of places such as Houston, which despite its enormous success in attracting people, is often pooh-poohed as ugly or awful or sprawling etc. Rather than building “Edifice Complex” structures such as sports stadiums and largely unused light-rail systems, Kotkin says cities do best to keep taxes and regulation low and consistent and provide a reliable backdrop against which individuals can plan and build their lives.

Watch the video at PJTV: